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Predictive Maintenance +

Companies making or working with technological systems know they have a challenge in the failure predictability of components of these systems. We offer solutions that can predict faults before they happen.

Image/Text Classification +

The amount of data has skyrocketed the last decennia, but the amount of information lagged behind. We use AI to classify unstructured datasets and turn them in valuable information.


Applying AI to robotic systems goes beyond the zeroes and ones. We develop software that gives industrial robots the capability to handle with difficult and precise tasks.

Business Forecasting+

As we work closely with professional business managers we’d notice a growing trend: they’re utilizing AI to streamline their professional routines through practices like automated data entry and reporting. In doing so these organizations are better in setting the right goals as well as meeting them.

Gaming & Simulation+

Using deep learning algorithms like reinforced learning enables organizations to apply AI in a simulated environment before using it in a real-life setting. Machine learning models are now able to learn in a simulated environment as it would learn in real life but without the real-life consequences.

New Custom AI Solutions+

Driven by our imagination we always like to work with a new type of applications within the field of AI. We always look which model best suits the problem of our client. If no model fits, we develop it together.

Our toolbox

These essential tools help us innovate your business. In cases when an assignment also requires data reporting or engineering, we work closely with one of our specialized key partners.

Data science spectrum


I was really impressed with the way Hemisphere handled everything. From the first conversation to everything in between, they were very helpful and knowledgeable.

Niels van Hofwegen
Program Manager at EPCOR