intelligence driven innovation

As an essential part of this client to listen to their customers they asked us how to tackle the classification of their customer reviews. 

One of our clients faced the problem that it found it difficult to classify open customer reviews about their brand. We helped by building a text classifier that could quickly classify these reviews. With this insights, our client was now able to better steer the organization and prioritize business process improvements.

  • idea

    Categorise customer reviews and actively steer the organisation based on these subjects

  • data

    300.000 customer reviews

  • technology

    Unsupervised NLP model and data enrichment with support from Microsoft Cognitive Services

  • scope

    Modelling, testing and integrating

  • planning

    Realized in 14 weeks



More line process improvement items picked-up from the scrum board.


Lower cost to serve as service agents were not asked to classify each conversation themselves.