intelligence driven innovation

Hemisphere helped service organisation Feenstra by calculating the thermal efficiency of household heaters based on data from 12.000 smart rental heaters.

Having this valuable information Feenstra is now able to better plan the service intervals of engineers and optimize its heaters to reduce their clients gas consumption without loosing level of comfort. 

In a period of 10 weeks we tested, executed and implemented 3 different algorithms related to the thermal efficiency of the heater.

  • idea

    Calculating the thermal efficiency of individual household heaters to reduce household energy consumption

  • data

    Real time sensor data from 12.000 gas powered heaters enriched with thermostat data, weather data, and overall house characteristics

  • technology

    Modelling, testing and integrating

  • scope

    Modelling, testing and integrating

  • planning

    Realized in 10 weeks



On average lower energy bill due to lower gas consumption of the heaters. Also resulting in 5-10% lower CO2 emissions


Estimated longer lifespan of heaters due to more efficient operation as heater parts wearing out more slowly.