intelligence driven innovation

Soon Dutch citizens are able to file a police report using chatbot Wout. We are proud we made this possible together with our partner Deloitte.

Our partner’s client wish was to discover if a chatbot system would work as a new police reporting channel. This could also be a nice way to keep civilians in the loop and give relevant updates about their request. 

Together with our partner Deloitte we organized several design sprints of multiple weeks to come up with, test, and build solutions to the problem. 

In the end, we managed to build a virtual agent that could handle the incoming requests similar as a normal human agent would. The AI classified the answers of the user request and linked them to the correct intents. Now the client was able to handle much more requests and give users feedback about there request later on.   

For more information:

  • idea

    Develop a digital conversational agent (chatbot) that could handle police reports from citizen on a user-direct, friendly, and intuitive way

  • data

    Input from 50 test users and police officers

  • technology

    NLP model, Dialogflow

  • scope

    Modelling and testing

  • planning

    Realized in 6 weeks



Customer satisfaction (NPS) as citizens saw the 24/7 accessibility and fast response of the police chatbot as biggest gain.


Decrease in handling time of each police report. So officers could spend more work on solving the case.