we make innovations happen

Our approach

Through years of experience, we have crystallized our approach and developed a proven format. Too often we see how innovative projects in organisations are quickly made overcomplicated resulting in complex, over-budget and unfinished solutions. We firmly believe in a stage-gated approach where we come-up with finished and demonstratable solutions to the problem.

How currently new concepts are developed

How we develop new concepts


Hemisphere has created brilliant algorithms and wonderful analysis tools that have helped us understand our customers better than ever before.

Arjan de Jong
Specialist Lead Data, Analytics & AI in Business Innovation & Strategy 
at Vattenfall

Behind the screens

We are a team of young but experienced software developers. The team is characterized by having an hands-on approach with an open mind towards new ideas and techniques.

Thomas Schijf

CEO / business analyst

Lars Rigter

AI specialist

Axel Bremer

AI specialist