intelligence driven innovation

This is a story about ideas and new technology

What we do

So you have this great idea to disrupt your organisation. Somehow you know AI is a key component of the end result, but you’re not sure how… This is where we will help you by prototyping, launching, and scaling AI solutions. On this way, we innovate together.

What to expect from us

  •  1.
    Innovation as a Service

    Tackling problems your business is facing using tailored software engineering.

  •  2.
    New, Newer, Newest

    Working with the latest but proven techniques in data science and AI.

  •  3.
    No cure, no pay

    Our rates are based on the added value to your organisation.


Hemisphere has an unique and singular talent to design and build just about anything in digital environments. In the ventures and projects we took up with Hemisphere, there seemed to be no boundaries to our creativity.

Jan Willem De Vries
Manager Innovation Growth Services at Deloitte

New ideas + 
New technologies

Why AI, you say?

Machine Learning opened doors to endless engineering possibilities and applications. It has become the way to do things in a better, faster and smarter matter. While in constant development, we mastered a great set of AI technologies and skill sets. It has become the hammer in our toolkit.

latest updates

  • State-of-the-Art Statistical Science to Tackle Famous Number Theory Conjectures

    The methodology described here has broad applications, leading to new statistical tests, new type of ANOVA (analysis of variance), improved design of experiments, interesting fractional factorial designs, a better understanding of irrational numbers leading to cryptography, gaming and Fintech applications, and high quality random number generators (and when you really need them). It also features exact arithmetic / high performance computing and distributed algorithms to compute millions of binary digits for an infinite family of real numbers, including detection of auto- and cross-correlations (or lack of) in the digit distributions.

  • The next generation org chart: humans and robots working together

    You could soon be sharing your coffee break with a robot. But wait – they don’t take breaks. They’ll go on working tirelessly so you can focus on more interesting and innovative work – and might even free you up to take some occasional downtime.

  • Creating human impact with artificial intelligence

    The rising prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our conversations, the way we work and do business, protect communities against crime and even the way news is reported to us on television is unprecedented. Its ability to learn and process massive amount of data far outstrips any other current technologies and will only continue to grow as we make greater strides in computer processing power and deep learning algorithms.